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Embrace Authenticity, Cultivate Joy, and Thrive

Through Emotional Embodiment


Yes you are alive since you landed on this page ; But do you feel like it? truly? or do you feel numb?

Are you enjoying life ebbs and flows or are you going through life without even noticing it?

Do you let events happen to you or do you make them happen?

Are you living your true honest life or the life of somebody else?

Are you living, talking and acting for you or for others?

" Live your life, NOT someone else's " 

Most of us act, talk and think out of fear (fear of conflict, fear of disappointment, fear of failure, fear of pain, fear of abandonment etc.), we do things to be loved and appreciated, we turn ourselves into a person that we no longer recognise. We doubt ourselves, our abilities and capacities so we let others tell us how to live, who to be, how to think BUT NO MORE!

Your community need you, your smile, your generosity, your positivity to make this place a little bit easier to live in.

You need to reconnect with your essence to live a life full of meaning and excitement

You need to connect with the magical language of your emotions so you can shed all the bits that are not you and bring your true amazing self back to light.

your emotional growth awaits

Discover more joy, peace, and fulfilment in life by allowing you to :

Understand Yourself Better, Manage Stress & Overwhelm, Build Authentic Connections, Cultivate Resilience, Live in the Present.

Emotional embodiment is the missing piece you've been looking for to create sustainable and effective transformation in your life.

Emotional embodiment is like giving your feelings a body language, making them real and honest. It helps you understand and handle your emotions better. When you're emotionally embodied, you can stay calm and focused, even when feelings get intense. It's like having a superpower to be in control, feel more alive, and be true to yourself!

beautiful magic meadow in Malahide Castle Fairy Trail



Make a Wish carved wood - fairy trail malahide CAstle, county dublin

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purple fairy statut at malahide castle fairy trail

Welcome to AuthenticMind


Thought provoking articles to help you gain new skills, look at life from new perspectives and change your view on how you think your life should be

Hello, I am Alice

and I am on a mission

to bring emotional embodiment into every women's lives with a touch of magic and a whole lot of authenticity.


You see, I am walking a path from conformity to embracing my true self, and now I'm here to walk it with you.

Curious to know more about my journey?


Click that button below and let's dive into my story.

Alice Chepeau, founder of authentic mind where emotional growth is all it takes to actually transform your life for the better
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