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I've Unveiled My Own Magic, and Now I'm Here to Guide You to Yours

Born an only child in France, I mastered the art of keeping harmony, often at the expense of my own voice. My journey led me to foreign lands, including Northern Ireland, where I sought both independence and the pressure to conform.

At work, I aimed high, yet battled self-doubt and burnout. The drive for success propelled me forward, but beneath the surface, self-doubt and burnout brewed. In moments of despair, I realized I needed more than just accomplishments. I embraced alternative healing to mend both body and spirit, peeling back layers to understand the depths of my true self.

Motherhood brought joy and struggle, painting life with a blend of colors I hadn't anticipated. I was determined to prove my worth, but in my pursuit, I collided with a wall. The weight of societal expectations took its toll, and I found myself at a crossroads.


In seeking healing and self-discovery, my path intersected with inspiring souls who reshaped my perspective. It was during this time that I discovered the transformative power of embracing the present moment. As I did, my passions began to surface, no longer overshadowed by the noise of expectations.

Embracing my authentic self, I journeyed into realms of modern witchcraft and spirituality. The dichotomy of my desires became clear – I reveled in the luxuries of modern life yet found solace in the serenity of nature's embrace. This exploration illuminated my true essence as an introverted adventurer yearning for new experiences.


Today, I'm here to guide you

My journey, fueled by challenges and revelations, has ignited a passion to share the lessons I've learned. I've embarked on a mission to challenge norms, to infuse positivity into every facet of life, and to empower you to navigate your own unique journey. Through my coaching, we'll uncover the balance between the modern world and the magic of authenticity. We'll defy societal expectations, embrace the full spectrum of human experience, and uncover the joy that awaits in living life as your most authentic self.

More about me


Leo            Scorpio            Sagittarius

Enneagram 4 "The Individualist"

Generator with Sacral Authority

Married in 2017 to Adrien

Mom of Liam (born march 2018) and Willow (born nov. 2020)



2014 - WSET Level 1 (I wanted maybe to become a sommelier)

2018 - ITEC Diploma in Sport and Holistic Massage (opened my first business {on the side of a full time job} in 2019 until Covid)

2020 - Gentlebirth Instructor Certified

2022 - Mastery Method Coach Certified

- Core Coaching + Core Coaching Facilitator Badges

- Mental Health First Aider

- Mindfulness Champion

I used my company to learn more on topic I loved so I could also support my colleagues

Puzzles and LEGO (and the great thing is that I can share this with my kids) I never had lego growing up but now that I discovered it, I absolutely love it. We my son, we dream one day to do Lego Master together ;)

What calms me ...

Trainings at work

Left Corporate

After 15 years of working in the corporate world (starting in a call centre, changing roles as soon as I was bored or uncomfortable, hoping to find THE job that I would enjoy... I left the corporate world in May 2023 to pursue my destiny... that is yet to be written


I have tried many sports when I was younger and really loved tennis and mix martial arts (until 2014)

Nowadays I do yoga and that's about it :)


I have a growing interest in astrology, energy, crystals, akashic records. I love my oracle card deck and my witchy rituals 

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Welcome to AuthenticMind

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