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Imagine Your Future

Picture a morning where you wake up, not just to the ringing of an alarm, but to a sense of purpose that fuels your day. See yourself confidently making choices that resonate with your true desires, free from the weight of societal expectations. Visualize moments of connection with loved ones, the kind that leave you feeling truly seen and heard. Imagine the exhilaration of stepping out of your comfort zone, embracing new adventures, and discovering facets of yourself you never knew existed. As you journey through your days, feel the sense of fulfillment that comes from living authentically, and see how the magic you've unlocked within yourself ripples through every aspect of your life. This is the future that awaits you after working with me – a future of authenticity, empowerment, and everyday enchantment.

Alice Chepeau, founder of Authentic Mind, walking with a falcon and loving it

My Approach

I believe in the power of embracing your uniqueness. Our CHIC Method (Curiosity, Honesty, Intuition, and Communication) guides you toward self-awareness and self-acceptance. We'll help you shed societal expectations, connect with your inner magic, and rewrite your narrative for a life that aligns with your true essence.

Introducing the MAGIC Pathway

This 14-week journey is divided into three stages:

1. Mindful Awareness: We'll dive deep into self-awareness, identifying limiting beliefs and patterns that hold you back.

2. Acceptance of the Multifaceted Self: Embrace your unique self, unmasking your passions, dreams, and curiosities without inhibition.

3. Guided Integration and Consistent Choices: Apply newfound insights to make choices aligned with your authentic self, fostering lasting transformation.

Signature Program Overview

Isobel, Galway

“I originally undertook coaching to help me to boost my career after having my first child 3 years ago. 
I now have something which is worth much more than what money can buy, which is peace of mind.
I feel that I am in a much better place to handle life's challenges and to embark on new projects and adventures.
I'm looking forward to what the future holds for me.
Thank you Alice!."
Lotus in Bloom symbol of strength, resilience, and rebirth

What's Included

My program includes:

  • 11 private coaching sessions

  • unlimited Voxer support for continuous growth between sessions 

  • customised meditation crafted to your needs

  • weekly exercises and tools designed to empower your growth



- Warren Buffett -

Exclusive 1:1 Support

I only work with 3 women at a time, to whom I ask for sincere and complete involvement.

The quality of our relationship and mutual commitment is crucial.

If you feel that you are one of them, I invite you to submit your application here by answering a few questions. I will then contact you to offer you a one-hour clarification session during which we can illuminate your path and outline the details of your personalized support."

Maria, Sweden

“I wanted to share with you. Something changed in my energy after our meeting yesterday. I had such a deep healing sleep - I felt I was working through some deep stuff, in a good way. Today my energy was different and less dark than it has been for weeks! Thank you for this beautiful experience. No thoughts yet on anything specific, just an energetic shift happening in your presence. You are on to something. Thank you for your loving space holding, for something that was difficult to me”
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